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Making a new tumblr

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Earned, Not Given. Congratulations to the Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions! Finally the King with a Ring!

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You can’t change your situation around you

until you change yourself

My tumblr has been hella dead lately… .sorry guys “/

It’s funny, how when someone says they love you, you can’t really feel it, but when they say they don’t love you anymore, you can feel every ounce of what was drained out of your entire being.

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‎”FUCK” is the only word which can be used to express many feelings.

Revenge - Fuck you

Failure - I’m fucked


Anxiety - What the fuck is happening?

Anger - Get the fuck out of here

Curiousity - How the fuck did you do that?

Love - I fucking love him/her

Lust - Fuck me baby

Pride - I’m a fucking genius

Victory - I won that fucking competition

Sadness - Why the fuck is this happening to me?

Confusion - What the fuck?

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I live a Timmy Turner life


Friends: Where’d you meet these people?


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